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Some home owners figure that deck cleaning is an easy weekend project. This may not always be the case. Whether your deck or fence is hardwood, softwood or composite material, a good cleaning is a must if you want it to maintain the beauty it had when it was first built. Yearly cleaning is good maintenance. This washing, done properly, can do much more than add life to the wood, it will save you time and money in the years to come.

Our process consists of properly soaking the deck with our stripper, rinsing the wood with a low pressure rinse cleaning the wood, then neutralizing and brightening the wood to its original state. Done right, this will leave your deck looking fresh and brand new. Done wrong, it can really be a disaster. Trust me, I know the home owners who have tried and prove why you should leave it to the pros.

Low pressure is all that is needed to wash a deck. This is still enough force to damage the wood and can leave lap marks if done wrong. We know less pressure is the best pressure when washing a wood deck.

Power Washing Stl decks

The power washer is a good tool to remove the deep grime and other contaminants. To much pressure on the boards will remove a lot more than just the dirt and you might be replacing wood instead of just cleaning it.

We are skilled power washers that know how to maintain the pressure. We can tell when there is too much or not enough . That being said, it is our specialized strippers, neutralizers and brighteners that do most of the work in lifting and removing the dirt and restoring its color. These steps can really work wonders and will leave you amazed at the quality of our deck cleaning. We follow that with our low pressure rinse. Then leaving it clean and allowing it to dry out for at least 24-48 hours, it will be ready for a stain and or sealer.

All wood should be sealed or stained to protect it from the suns UV rays and from constant rain and water damage. It will prevent the boards from weather damage, drying and cracking. We recommend oil based stains. The oil tends to soak deep into the wood and helps preserve the deck or fence and keep it from drying out so much. Never apply polyurethane to an outdoor deck or fence. It will almost always crack and peel away prematurely. We offer our deck washing, repair, staining and sealing to anyone in need. We also provide other amazing services such as power cleaning concrete and fencing, exterior home cleaning, window, roof and gutter cleaning. Our superior standard places us at the very top of companies that offer pressure washing in the St. Louis area. As professional power washers, we make sure that no surface remains less than its best. Please contact us for estimates and refer to our reference list for proof of a job well done. Click to return to Home Page from Deck Cleaning.

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