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Did your fence lose its rich, warm look? Who likes the discolored, shabby looking fence in the neighborhood? Don’t worry, underneath that thin gray skin, the good stuff still remains. All you have to do is remove the surface layer of aged wood to expose a fresh layer of wood. This is a great job for a power washer.

Like washing a Deck, a fence needs periodic cleaning if you want to retain the beauty it had on day one. Periodic cleaning is preventative maintenance. This maintenance, done correctly, will do more than add years to your fence, it will save you valuable time and money in the long run.

Our process consists with properly soaking with our stripper, washing, neutralizing, brightening and rinsing with water. Done right, this will leave your fence looking fresh and rejuvenated. We recommend an exterior wood oil stain to preserve this new layer of wood. It will prolong the woods life and protect it. With the fence clean from our professional wash, it's time to fix or replace damaged boards, refasten loose boards and countersink any protruding nails before we stain. If a gate is sagging, we are happy to straighten it with any support or whatever else is needed. We also make sure to coat the posts where they emerge from the ground or concrete with a wood preservative. This is the area that rots first.

Power Washing Stl fence repair

With a nice clean fence, stained to the color you enjoy, it will be protected and ready for whatever the seasons bring. If your in need of some freshening up, contact us for a no pressure, affordable fence estimate.

Also make sure to check out all the other pressure washing services we offer. Once our mobil unit is set up and cleaning your property, it is easy for us to tackle all the problem areas around your home. Please browse through the website and see if your in the market for some professional power washing from "The Mold Busters."

We also provide other amazing services such as exterior home cleaning, decks, concrete, window, roof and gutter cleaning. Our superior standard places us at the very top of companies that offer pressure washing in the St. Louis area. As superior power washers, we make sure that no surface remains less than its best. Please Contact us for estimates and refer to our reference list for proof of a job well done. Click to return to Home Page from Fence Cleaning.


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