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The plague that infects homes in nearly 80 percent of the United States

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Our roof cleaning kills Gloeocapsa Magma dead in its black streaks. What is this you might be wondering? It is a kind of algae that causes black discoloration on asphalt and fiberglass shingles. If left untreated this algae will grow until the entire roof becomes a huge mess covered with black. At the same time, the roof becomes a big eye sore and the algae surounds the roof granules. This leaves the shingles unprotected from the sun's Ultra Violet rays. With no UV protection, a roof can experience premature deterioration.

The algae has migrated form the southern Gulf Coast and now covers much of the US. Take a look while out driving around. You will see lots of homes that need a good roof cleaning. One reason why, most people don't even know their roof can be cleaned. They think it needs to be replaced. "Click Here to learn more" Most home owners are afraid to get on roof let alone clean one. It is dangerous. Let us handle the danger, while we are up on the roof, we are also able to clean gutters as well if needed.

Its is also not as easy as some chemical web sites make it out to be. There are companies selling chemicals that will wash the shingles simply by spraying it on the roof and letting rain rinse it clean. That's ok, if you want to wait months to see results. To get results now the roof will have to be rinsed off after we apply our eco safe chemicals.

Power Washing Stl roof cleaning

A garden hose with street pressure just can't quite cut it. We have a custom roof washing tool that applies just the right pressure to clean the algae off the first time restoring the original colors and rinsing away the dirt, grime, and black algae.

Just some of the joys of hiring a experienced professional power washing company to do the job. Let us take care of all your power washing needs.

Before and After of our Roof Cleaning Service

Above is a Before and After shot taken of a roof we washed in Labadie, Missouri.  Notice all the black streaks.  After we soaked the roof with our cleaning solution and gave it a low pressure rinse it looked like we installed a new roof.  

We also provide other amazing services such as exterior home cleaning, windows, decks, fencing, concrete, and gutter cleaning. Our superior standards place us at the very top of companies that offer pressure washing in the St. Louis area. As power washers, we make sure that no surface remains less than its best. Please Contact us for estimates and refer to our reference list for proof of a job well done. Click to return to Home Page from Roof Cleaning.


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