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When it comes to weathered log homes and cedar restoration, it’s extremely important to prepare the wood correctly. Not following the correct steps will lead to premature failure of the new stain. No matter the brand name or price of a stain, it will not last as long as it is intended if it is not applied to a perfectly cleaned and prepared surface.

Cedar Restoration - Stripping Process

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners and uneducated power washing companies make is the misconception that the pressure of the water is doing the cleaning.  This is totally false. When cleaning and preparing a cedar home for oil stain, you must remove all of the old stain prior to re-staining. Any older failed stain that is left on the wood will block the new oil stain from penetrating into the surface of the wood properly. To remove old failing stain from the wood you need to use a wood stripper. The commercial grade stripper we use will break up and soften old stain allowing it to be washed away using only garden hose pressure from our power washer. 

This low pressure method of cleaning will not splinter, damage, or leave lap marks in the wood like the high pressure “Blast it off” techniques will.

Cedar Restoration - Brightening / Neutralizing 

Once the surface of the wood has been washed with the stripper and the old deck stain is removed properly, it is mandatory to brighten the wood using a wood neutralizer and brightener. The stripper has a way of darkening the wood and also raises the pH levels. Before the stain is applied the stripper must be canceled out after its work has been done.  The stripper we use is only active when it is wet. If the stripper dries into the wood without being neutralized and the new stain is applied, the stripper will reactivate and cause the new stain to prematurely fail. 

We brighten the wood back to a natural state, and lower the pH to a more acidic level. This will restore the appearance and neutralize the stripper giving the new stain the best chance of lasting as long as possible.

A cedar home properly stripped, cleaned and brightened should then be given time to dry for several days before a quality oil stain is applied. Taking these measures and using a stripper, low pressure, a neutralizer and brightener before staining will give you much better and longer lasting results.  

Below is a great video going over the process described above. For more questions regarding our cedar home restoration services please contact us.   

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